How Wappi Works



Set your pickup location by allowing Wappi to access your location or manually enter your pickup location. Enter your destination by typing in the address or selecting it on the map. Select the type of ride that suits your preferences and budget and confirm your request.


Enjoy your ride

Wappi will assign a nearby available driver to pick you up. You can track the driver's location and estimated time of arrival within the app. Once the driver arrives, hop in the taxi and enjoy your ride to your destination. Wappi will typically provide details such as the driver's name, vehicle details, and license plate number for verification.


Pay for the ride

If you haven't already done so electronically within the app, you'll need to pay the fare to the driver, using the cash or Mobile Money. Wappi allow you to rate the driver and provide feedback on the ride. Take a moment to rate your driver based on your experience, ensure that you have all your personal belongings with you before exiting the taxi. Thank the driver for the ride if you wish, and then proceed to your destination.

Other app features


Send status

Let your friends and family know when to expect you. Tap Send Status to share your ETA in real time, so your contacts know you're safe


Split Fare

Share the cost of your ride with any contact who uses Wappi. Before or during the ride, swipe up from the bottom of the app. Tap your selected payment method and select 'Split Fare'. You can split the cost with everyone in the car.


Fare Estimate

Check the price before you go. Enter a destination to get an estimate for the cost of your ride. Fare Estimate is also available by tapping each ride option.

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