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Whether by motorcycle taxi to allow you to avoid the hazards of morning traffic jams, by taxi to arrive incognito or even by personal car, simple trip or rental for your romantic or professional appointments, Wappi remains your key partner for all your trips, with low-cost travel options within reach of all budgets.


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Wappi is the premier transportation service for corporate, hotels and leisure traveling. Our professional drivers guarantee a comfortable, reliable, safe and stress-free experience whether you're traveling alone, with guests, friends or family to all kinds of events, shopping, business. Wappi is a smart and efficient mode of transportation that guarantees your employees greater productivity at work.


Low-cost to luxury

Whether you are planning to rent a car, or simply looking for a ride for a leisure traveling or a business trip, Wappi offer an extensive selection of vehicles within reach of all budgets. This means, there is something for everyone. So, when you make your booking, make sure you request the specific vehicle you desire so your drive is exactly as you intended it to be!

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Driving with Wappi is flexible and rewarding, helping drivers
meet their career and financial goals.

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Long minutes waiting for a taxi in the rain or in extreme heat? Afraid to take a taxi at certain hours of the night? Not knowing how to pay your fare when getting out of the taxi? This was before!...